1. 10 Best Gifts & Games for Better Foreplay

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    If you're looking for a Christmas present that will be truly appreciated and treasured, it's time to give your relationship the gift of incredible foreplay.

    In the age of night shifts, school runs and overtime, the pressure is on to fit in as much as we can into as little time as possible, but sex is not somewhere to cut corners.

    So why not put the brakes on coital speeding, slow it down, and learn to linger in the moment?

    To help you on your way to better foreplay and sex, here are our 10 Best Gifts and Games to inspire you.

    1. 1. Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold

      Lovehoney Oh! Red Satin Blindfold

      This festive red, faux-fur-lined blindfold is perfect for heightening sensitivity to touch - plus it'll match your Santa hat.

      Ideal for:
      • Bondage beginners and aficionados alike
      • Pairing with sex toys and bondage accessories
      • Sensual foreplay
      What they say:

      "Paired with the right toys, this can be fun... and for debuting new toys your partner hasn't seen yet."

    1. 2. Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game

      Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game (3 Piece)

      Want to know what to do when your partner's tied up? This game gives you a whole deck of ideas.

      Ideal for:
      • Inspiring BDSM beginners
      • Starting off your bondage collection
      • Pairing with other toys and bondage accessories
      What they say:

      "We were able to explore bondage in a fun way and have found some things that we won't need cards to tell us to do again!"

    2. 2. Lovehoney Merry Kissmas 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

      Lovehoney Merry Kissmas 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

      Brace your 'elf' for a pocket-sized, travel-friendly buzz.

      Ideal for:
      • Foreplay fun
      • Finding those hard to reach areas
      • Sex toy beginners
      What they say:

      "I sneaked in the bathroom while my partner was having a bath so I could tease her to a toe-curling orgasm."

    3. 4. Lovehoney Oh! XOXO Sex Cheques

      Lovehoney Oh! XOXO Sex Cheques (26 Pack)

      Slip one of these cheeky cheques inside their Christmas card...

      Ideal for:
      • Taking on your travels
      • A flirty stocking filler
      • Any gender
      What they say:

      "I would absolutely encourage anyone to invest in a book (especially as it only costs about the same as a pint!)"

    1. 5. BASICS Vibrating Twin Cock Ring

      BASICS Vibrating Twin Cock Ring

      This super-stretchy ring offers a world of orgasmic possibilities.

      Ideal for:
      • Shared stimulation during sex
      • Potentially stronger, longer-lasting erections
      • First-time couple's toy
      What they say:

      "I feel like this makes me last longer and I can also grind on my partner which does slow things down for me but feels great for her so overall it's a win-win."

    2. 6. Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Sex Dice

      Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Sex Dice

      Roll all three dice together, or one at a time, for a not-so Silent Night.

      Ideal for:
      • Romantic weekends away
      • Any gender
      • A sexy stocking filler
      What they say:

      "We also like to roll, take a picture of the result and send it to the other person. Great for building anticipation through the day."

    3. 7. Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty Playing Cards

      Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty Playing Cards

      Sexy phrases to get the conversation flowing, alongside erotic actions for you to perform.

      Ideal for:
      • Inspiring sexy talk
      • Sexting inspiration
      • An X-rated poker night
      What they say:

      "I picked a card and sent my partner a nice text. He replied and I still didn't know what to say, so I picked another. Now I don't need them."

    1. 8. Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs

      Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs

      Fluffier than a polar bear's PJs, these cuffs are made for festive friskiness.

      Ideal for:
      • Beginners' bondage play
      • Pairing with other toys
      • A fun festive gift
      What they say:

      "These are perfect for risqué foreplay. I enjoy the fact that the fur covers can be easily removed for something a little more kinky."

    2. 9. BASICS Love Egg Vibrator 1.2 oz

      BASICS Love Egg Vibrator 1.2 oz

      Eggs aren't just for Easter - this one is great for festive foreplay and fun!

      Ideal for:
      • Internal or external stimulation
      • Intense multispeed vibrations
      • A first-time sex toy
      What they say:

      "I couldn't believe it, within 30 seconds she reached a mind-blowing orgasm."

    3. 10. Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

      Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

      Blow his mind with this double texture blow job stroker.

        Ideal for:
      • Masturbation or couple's play
      • Fans of non-anatomical toys
      • Blowjob-like sensations
      What they say:

      "I blindfolded my husband and lubed him up. He loved the feeling of both sides. He also tried it solo but preferred using it as a couple."

    Above: Are you looking for a sexy gift for your lover? Let Sammi Cole take you through her top picks for romantic sex game gifts in this video guide.

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