1. Is That An Eggplant In Your Pocket? It's World Emoji Day!


    Pick-up lines. Do you love them or hate them?

    Someone sidling up to you at the bar and 'breaking the ice' by pretending to be a penguin and smashing an ice cube might not exactly do it for you...

    But a so-bad-it's-good line from someone you like?

    Total hearts-eyes!

    To celebrate World Emoji Day, we've given some of our fave cheeky, cheesy (and not at all sleazy) pick-up lines an emoji makeover.

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    You're about to face the long 'arm' of the law...


    Better than 'voulez-vous coucher avec moi'


    Especially if you look like Rick Grimes


    Isn't it ironic?


    Hopefully this won't go down like a fart in a lift...


    A quick way to invite someone to a pants (off) party


    Deep space fine


    Works best in winter, or if you're texting while washing up (we don't advise this, obvs)


    Oh say can you see... you and me on a date?


    It's a marathon, not a sprint


    Got any more suggestions for unusual emoji uses? Let us know in the comments below!

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