1. 10 Best Cheap Sex Toys for Beginners

    We know it can be difficult to know where to look first when you're choosing your first sex toy, so we've compiled the 10 best value sex toys for beginners.

    This list of cheap sex toys includes bestsellers for men, women and couples that have been tried and tested, and have excellent customer reviews.

    1. Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice (3 Pack)

    1. Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice (3 Pack)

    2. Take it in turns to roll and bring the spice back to a 'quiet night in'.

      Ideal for:
      • Frisky foreplay and sex
      • Introducing sex toys to your relationship
      • A cheeky gift
      What they say:

      "Would highly recommend to get the fun started. They are a must-have for any couple wanted to add a bit of fun."

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    1. 2. Lovehoney Ladyfinger Classic Vibrator 5 Inch

      Lovehoney Ladyfinger Classic Vibrator 5 Inch

      This classic vibrator can either be used for vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

      Ideal for:
      • First-time sex toy
      • Aquatic play
      • Pinpoint external stimulation
      What they say:

      "This was my first vibrator and I'm so glad I decided to get one! The Ladyfinger makes me climax every time!"

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    2. 3. Lovehoney Love Missile 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator

      Lovehoney Love Missile 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator

      Great for clitoral stimulation, and a non-intimidating couple's toy, too.

      Ideal for:
      • Pinpoint stimulation
      • Taking on your travels
      • Solo play, foreplay and sex
      What they say:

      "I use it solo and with my hubby he loves teasing me with it."

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    3. 4. Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

      Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

      The strength of this vibrator is incredible, which makes it a good go-to toy if you want a quick climax.

      Ideal for:
      • Foreplay fun
      • Finding those hard to reach areas
      • Sex toy beginners
      What they say:

      "He loves to use it on me and I always orgasm from it. Definitely worth the little amount of money!"

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    1. 5. Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker

      Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense

      A supple-but-tight entry hole, and a stretchy grip to engulf the penis.

      Ideal for:

      • Solo and foreplay fun
      • A choice of sensations
      • Sex toy beginners

      What they say:

      "We tried the spikey side which was definitely our favourite and drove him absolutely crazy with pleasure."

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    2. 6. Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler

      Lovehoney BASICS Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator

      This mini tickler awakens nerve-endings to heighten sensitivity.

      Ideal for:

      • Accessorising light bondage play
      • Heightened sensory anticipation
      • A cute gift

      What they say:

      "It's super intimate and intense even though it's so simple. A great way to start a night in of fun."

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    3. 7. Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg

      Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg

      This egg packs incredible vibrations, for clitoral or G-spot stimulation.

      Ideal for:

      • Solo and foreplay fun
      • Couple's play
      • External and internal pleasure

      What they say:

      "I have had my strongest orgasms yet using this egg! It's strong, powerful and perfect for self-play and couples."

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    1. 8. Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

      Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

      This slimline butt plug is a great way to experiment with anal play.

      Ideal for:

      • First-time anal play
      • Relaxing prior to anal sex
      • Safe, prolonged wear

      What they say:

      "Really cute and easy to insert. Made from a jelly material, so very flexible and inviting."

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    2. 9. Lovehoney Lovers Satin Blindfold

      Lovehoney Lovers Satin Blindfold

      Blindfolding someone heightens their other senses and builds anticipation.

      Ideal for:

      • Bondage beginners and aficionados alike
      • Sensory deprivation
      • Sensual foreplay

      What they say:

      "It's one of those under-appreciated, under-valued products that my sex life just wouldn't be the same without!"

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    3. 10. Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs

      Bondage Boutique Beginners Soft Handcuffs

      Experiment with bondage in a gentle way, and explore a new level of play.

      Ideal for:

      • Bondange beginners
      • Gentle, cushioned restraint
      • A cheeky gift

      What they say:

      "I love being tied down and he loves it when I am. The idea of being restrained increases our orgasm."

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