How to Use an Anal Douche

Learn how to cleanse your anus before you set off on rump ranging romps with our handy guide to using an anal douche.

Anal douches are incredibly useful tools for fans of anal sex toys and anal sex. They work as an anal cleaner to cleanse the anus before penetration, ensuring it’s as hygienic and clean for anal play as possible.

This not only ensures your play won’t be messy, but it alleviates any associated fears of unwanted surprises, helping you to relax into your pleasure. Many people opt for douching in particular before oral stimulation of the anus - known as rimming or analingus.

Read on for our anal douche tips and instructions.

What is an Anal Douche?

An anal douche flushes water through the anus before it is expelled, leaving it clean. They’re mainly used to prepare for anal sex or analingus. Douches come in different sizes and shapes to suit all levels of experience and are incredibly simple to use, even for the first time.

How to Use an Anal Douche

1. Lube the tip


If you’re new to anal cleansing, we recommend that you start with an anal douche rather than an enema.

Anal douches hold a smaller amount of water and are easier to control, since you squeeze them by hand.

“Easy to use, just fill with water, add a little lube for easy insertion and you are good to go.” - Mysterious B

It’s really important to use a touch of water-based anal lubricant on the tip of your douche’s nozzle so it’s easy and comfortable to insert.

It can also be useful to lube your entrance with the same lubricant for maximum glide.

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2. Prepare yourself


Fill the bulb up with tepid water either by removing the tip and running it directly under the tap or by squeezing the bulb then immersing it in a container of water, allowing the suction effect to draw the water in. You should only use water in your douche and always test the temperature on sensitive skin, like the underside of your wrist, before you insert the douche.

"So the product itself is simple yet effective, easy to work out. I recommend you use room temperature water as it’s less of a shock to the system!"- ChaosInfusion

We advise using an anal douche while you’re sitting on the toilet. Not only will this give you an ideal angle for easy insertion, it also keeps the process clean and hygienic since when you expel the water it’ll go right into the toilet.

Be sure to stop immediately if you experience any pain. You may need to apply more lubricant or readjust your angle for more effective entry.

Remember, anal play of any kind should never hurt.

3. Squeeze and hold


Once inserted, depress the bulb of the douche. This will result in the water being dispensed into the rectum, which will gently clean you, removing any waste material from the lower part of the passage.

Always start off slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts - you can squeeze the bulb gently for slower water flow and more firmly for faster flow. Many people find taking things slowly throughout douching offers a better experience.

"I’d recommend slightly squeezing it before you insert it as, no matter how much you try to fill it with water, there will always be air in it, meaning the first few squeezes inject a load of air which needs to come back out!” - Hardventurous

Remove the douche gently and hold the water until you feel the natural urge to expel it. Then repeat the process several times until the water you eject runs clear.

Be sure to douche about 45 minutes before you intend to play so your body can settle after the process. Then you’re squeaky clean and ready to enjoy your anal escapades.

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