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7 Best Massage Oils for Erotic Massage

There are few moments where we would say no to a massage. We’re guessing the same goes for you and let’s be real, why wouldn’t you? Kicking back while you’re partner smooths out all of those knots and kinks with an erotic massage oil is nothing short of heavenly, especially when it gets you in the mood.

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Position of the Week: Saddle Up

Holy smoke! We know some of you like a challenge when it comes to bedroom gymnastics, and Saddle Up is most definitely that. Fantastic if you’re bored with your sex life and want to show off your strength, flexibility and stamina – there are also some pleasurable perks to be enjoyed in this position.

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Cam Fraser

Meet the Expert: Cam Fraser

Here at Lovehoney, we like to think that we make learning about sex easy and fun. In order to bring you the best and most accurate advice, we work with some of Australia’s leading sex coaches and sexperts, including Cam Fraser - our go-to guy for advice on anything sex-related for people with a penis. Learn more about what he's all about in our Q&A below.

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