How to Choose the Perfect Role Play Costume

For some, the words ‘role play’ send a shiver of excitement down our spines. For others, it’s more a chill of fear reminiscent of uncomfortable team-bonding exercises. No matter who you are, we can find the perfect role play costume to get you in the zone.

Using role play in the bedroom is about much more than indulging your long-held and unspoken fantasy about that traffic cop who once fined you. By adopting a different persona, many people find it easier to open up and explore situations and adventures that they would never normally try out, allowing them to experience greater sexual fulfilment and bringing them closer to their partner.

The question is, how do you get into the role play zone without feeling a bit ridiculous? Read on to find out how you can choose the scenario and outfit that best fits your fantasies and how to enjoy your debut in the world of character play.

Video: How to Pick a Sexy Role Play Costume

For an introduction to the most common role play styles and to how to pick the perfect role play costume for you, check out our short video.

Who Do You Want to Be?

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Ah, the age-old question. If you’re considering bringing in a bit of character play into your love life, it’s super important to consider what you would like to get out of it. Dive into your fantasies and naughty dreams… What kind of scenarios or characters pop up?

The bondage play: Maybe you’re keen to try bondage for the first time, but are too shy to introduce it straight onto the sexual menu. In this case, trying out police-themed play is a simple and non-threatening move. After all, you’ll need handcuffs to complete the uniform, right?

The power play: Perhaps you’re after a certain power dynamic that you don’t usually act out in real life. If you’re into the idea of your lover behaving bossily and telling you exactly what they want you to do, or vice versa, a power dynamic role play could light your spark. Consider fantasies that cast you as either the submissive or dominant role and act them out in role play. Are you the demanding boss or the demure secretary? Could you find yourself in a master and mistress affair, or a doctor and nurse situation? Slip into the role that you desire.

The strangers play: If you’re thrilled by the idea of shaking up your routine but aren’t yet comfortable with dressing in full costume, that’s where accessories come in. Popping on an item as simple as a wig or new piece of clothing, meeting your lover at a bar and pretending to be strangers wildly attracted to each other will do the trick. The strangers role play routine will inject excitement and allure without taking you too far out of your comfort zone.

Whether you’ve got a clear course of action that you’re eager to try out or are simply looking to change things up, it’s always worth identifying which desires spark your intrigue. This will help to inform how the role play unfolds and take some pressure off you and your playmate.

Talk It Through Together

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Once you know what scenario you’d like to try out, it’s time to chat it through with your partner. After all, if you hand them a skimpy firefighter outfit with no context, they may be a little reluctant to join in. To do so, explain exactly what you want to go down in your fantasy. By telling them exactly what you’re after, it’ll be far easier for you and your partner to improvise around the scenario rather than winging it from the get-go. If neither of you knows what to expect, it can lead to feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied.

Hot tip: If you’re worried that your partner may feel slighted by your fantasy scenario and believe that you’re lusting after every police officer you see, try recontextualising it as a dream that places them in the role. For example, “I had a sexy dream where you were a police officer who handcuffed my hands behind my back and then had your way with me” is a bit easier to get around than “I want to have sex with a police officer”.

At this stage, you should also discuss setting boundaries. Chat with your partner about what you are and aren’t comfortable with them doing or saying. Especially when it comes to BDSM or bondage play, set a safe word so that your partner knows when they need to stop.

Plan Your Seductive Outfit


Now for the really fun part: costume planning! Once you’ve decided on what your role play will involve, it’s time to pick out the perfect sexy costume. In our Sexy Costumes range, we’ve got an alluring range of uniforms, outfits, costumes and accessories to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a frisky French maid look, naughty nurse or adult student costumes, we’ve got the gear to get you in the role play mood.

If you’re a touch nervous about dressing up in a full get-up, there’s no need for you to go all out the first time around. Simply start with some small accessories such as a revealing apron, stethoscope or duster to set the scene.

As goes for choosing any clothing, it’s important to select styles that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in. Here are some tips for picking out your role play outfit:

1. Take into consideration the styles that you usually wear and look for items that are similar - this will help you feel most confident during role play

2. If you’re wanting coverage over your hips and bottom for a less revealing outfit, a flared skirt is a fabulously flattering choice

3. To highlight your waist, look for a costume with cutouts in the torso

4. If you’re hoping to show off your cleavage, look for plunging necklines or front zip details to tease your beau

Now It's Showtime


Once you’ve sorted out the scenario and seductive costume, it’s time to consider your role play set. To go the extra mile and commit to your character, creating a set complete with props is the way to go! Does your fantasy involve a desk? Try to have one within easy reach and clear out potential hazards. Are you acting out a saucy interrogation? Dim the lights except for one lamp to create the mood.

By mixing up the setting and adding a few authentic touches, it will be much easier to pretend that you’re truly in that situation and not in your bedroom. You can really get swept away pretending you’re in a classroom or prison cell by adding some authenticity to your play. And if you get the giggles? Not to worry - it’s meant to be fun, after all!

If you’re ready to dive into the erotic fantasy world of role play, check out the Lovehoney range of Sexy Costumes.

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