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    This week Nick and Anna are joined by sex and relationships writer, Zachary Zane, and they're talking about things that everyone should know about orgasms

    What exactly is an orgasm, and how does the 'cuddle hormone' work? Did you know that ejaculation and orgasm are two diffrerent things, and that when you climax part of your brain shuts down resulting in that blissful (if fleeting) feeling of total relaxation?

    Are orgasms necessary for a healthy sex life - and indeed a healthier life in general? And what can you do if you are struggling to climax, want them to be more powerful, or want to become multi-orgasmic?

    Alongside this hot topic the team share some little-known sex facts and the answers to your questions.

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    Handi Book

    Handi is a disability startup that is working to ensure that people with disabilities are able to enjoy sexual pleasure and conversations around sex and sexuality. To that end, they have created The Handi Book of Love, Lust & Disability. It's a book full of raw, powerful and inspiring stories, poems and artwork from 50 people in the disabled community. It opens the dialogue around sex, relationships and disability. Get your copy now and keep the conversation going.

    unwrap me lingerie

    All year long, you've listened to your loved ones, picked up on subtle cues, and thought long and hard about the perfect Christmas gift for them. But are they doing the same for you? If you're hoping for a killer gift from someone with a bad track record for believing socks are an acceptable present, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. Here, we hope to teach you ways to make sure your partner knows exactly what you want for Christmas so they don't end up on the naughty list next year.

    In the market for your very first sex toy? A classic vibrator may be just what you need. Join Annabelle as she discusses the benefits of this iconic sex toy, as well as one of her top picks for a buzzy night in.

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    Position of the Week: The Good Side


    Giving your lover a sexy gift is a foolproof way to score a hot Christmas.

    Not only could a brand new sex toy, or lingerie set ramp up your love life, but you'll be giving your partner something they'll genuinely want: Better orgasms, better sex and better body confidence.

    Whether you're looking for an advent calendar with a little more phwoar, or you'd like to get festive with your lube selection, we bet we've got something to make your lover smile. But just as the tinsel and fairy have to eventually come down, these gifts won't stick around forever.

    All four of these provocative pressies are limited edition, so if you live to give, don't wait around!

    Just think, while everyone's passed out in a turkey-based-coma, you can steal your lover away and explore these 4 sexy Christmas gifts together. Go on, add a little oh! to your ho ho ho and have a very Lovehoney Christmas.

    Arcwave Newgasm

    If you know about sex toys, chances are you know about Womanizer. This is the brand that's brought satisfaction to millions of clitoris-havers with its patented Pleasure Air™ technology.

    Now, that thrilling tech is coming to men and people with penises for the first time.

    Allow us to introduce the newest stroker on the market: The Arcwave Ion.

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    This week, Sammi and Violet are joined by author and sexfluencer, Scotty Unfamous and they're talking about how to take sexy pictures - for you and your partner.

    Rolling with this revolutionary new era of body positivity the sexy selfie is a fabulous way to flirt and also to celebrate your fine self.

    Seen by some (Violet) as the modern version of a Renaissance oil painting, the sexy selfie can be a way to preserve us at our finest. But what about some practical tips for achieving an image you are proud of?

    According to our guest, Scotty Unfamous, it's all about confidence! YOU need to feel good. So, drape yourself in sexy lingerie, put on some sensual music, spray on your favourite perfume, add some soft lighting and really enjoy yourself - the results will speak for themselves ... and never underestimate the power of the "vude" (video nude).

    And guys, if you're thinking of a sending a dick pic, make sure the unemptied bin is not in the background and that your old socks are not visible on the floor. Break out your best boxers, zoom out and show a bit more booty.

    Always remember though, security is important so be discerning, and unsolicited explicit pics of your privates are a definite no no!

    Alongside this hot topic, the team share some little-known sex facts and the answers to your questions.

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    Position of the Week: On Your Marks

    The Sexual Happiness Podcast logo

    This week Nick is joined by fabulous new co-hosts; Anna and Violet, who are chatting about everything you need to know about buying lingerie.

    There is definitely a place in our lives for those comfy, old faithful, greying undies, but when should you bring out the big guns ... the sexy lingerie? Should you save it for a special occasion and only wear your posh undies in the bedroom, or as a signal for sexy time?

    Does wearing something frilly and lacey for your lover's eyes only under your regular clothes add a confident spring to your step? And from your audience's perspective - is a nicely wrapped partner present just that little bit more special?

    Tune in for tips on how to choose something smashing for yourself or a partner from the vast array of lingerie styles and sizes available; from crotchless knickers and silky cami sets to bodystockings and sexy male underwear.

    Alongside this hot topic, the team share some little-known sex facts and the answers to your questions.

    Got a question or subject you want us to cover? Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com, or comment below.

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