1. ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit

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      1. ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Flick it like a Polaroid picture! The EM80 Flick E-Stim set combines 2 innovative technologies to create a sensational tool for erotic fun. Effectively a motion-activated TENS machine, this kit if perfect for contactless spanking and tingly kisses.

      Reinventing the face of electrostimulation, the EM80 Flick is a sleek and sexy power unit that recharges via USB for your convenience. The hand-held design is smooth and sophisticated with an ergonomic layout that makes controlling the wide array of functions simple. You can now enjoy more options for play with a single power unit:

      The EM80 allows you to each use 2 uni-polar toys or 1 bi-polar toy per channel enabling you to use up to 4 toys at the same time - say whaaaat?! Plus, individual controls mean you can operate each plug in separately - perfect for couples with differing tolerance levels.

      Each stimulation setting offers a unique experience that changes with different electrodes. Take stimulation from a barely-there tickle to a thrilling tingle or a firm and fierce buzz one step at a time. 24 different intensity levels give you maximum control over 7 electrostimulation functions.

      This set includes a set of 4 uni-polar ElectraPads that are perfect for experimenting with external electro stimulation and shared fun without having to invest in a separate electrode. Use 2 self-adhesive pads at a time to enjoy hands-free stimulation during solo play and interactive electrical tingles as a couple.

      Stick both pads to your lover's peachy cheeks (the ones below the waist, obviously!) and plug them into the electrosex unit. Make sure you select an intensity level that works for them for sexy shocks (not shocking shocks) and begin flicking your wrist. The harder you flick, the more intense the sensation. You'll love watching their butt flinch with every contactless spank.

      Alternatively, wear a pad each below the waist and set the intensity to one that suits you both. Now play as you would normally to indulge in stimulation through the pad and also anywhere you touch. Kissing, foreplay, oral sex and penetration are accompanied by an erotic tingle, escalating your excitement.

      Key Features:

      • Dual output electra-stim kit with ElecraPads for thrilling external e-stim fun
      • Motion-activated 'Flick' unit can be operated with the simple flick of the wrist
      • Adhesive pads are perfect for shared fun and contactless spanking
      • Can be shared between 2 people for interactive tingles whenever (and wherever) you touch
      • 25 individual intensity settings and 8 modes offer complete customisation
      • Includes storage bag, USB charge cable, a 2 pin 2mm connecting cable, 4 uni-polar adhesive pads and detailed instructions

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    1. ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit

      Reinventing the face of electrostimulation, the EM80 Flick is a sleek and sexy power unit that recharges via USB for your convenience. The hand-held design is smooth and sophisticated with an ergonomic layout that makes controlling the wide array of functions simple.

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      ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit
      2. ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit


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    1. Being a battery must be fun!

      Reviewed: 30 January 2018 by Mr Pheebs

      As this kit comes with the pads I’m writing this review with the pads being used, there is, however, a lot more than pads available for this device, so please bear this in mind and check them out. I will review a few of them soon!

      It took 3 hours to charge up, USB intelligent hub does the job nicely. It’s well boxed and packaged and comes with a silk pouch for the unit. The unit is the size or a small mobile phone and buttons, settings windows are easy to use even in the dark! The instruction manual is okay, nothing special, but I would have liked an instructional DVD.

      Information about e-stim units in general appeared scarce prior to purchase, I have asked for a generic guide to be written or filmed by Lovehoney. I’m going to use this review to declutter and explain what I needed to know prior to purchasing it.

      The Electrastim Flick Duo has 2 channels. Each channel has a port for a cable that comes with the kit, each cable has 2 outlets in the form of 2mm jacks. Jack size appears to be fairly universal for Stims and TENS machines meaning you get a little more choice on Lovehoney in regards to which toys you can use with it.

      So you have 2 independent channels and have the option for 4 pads (2 on each channel).

      Pads are unipolar (current either in or out). Alternatively you can fit 2 bipolar toys (one on each channel), these are things like the electrastim masturbating sleeve which has an in and an out for the current in 1 toy meaning current travels through one side of the toy, through your penis and out of the other side of the toy stimulating from skin to right through the shaft as you masturbate, dreamy huh?! Each channel can be controlled independently of each other in terms of intensity.

      I felt really apprehensive trying this for the first time, after all, if you've never used TENS before, using electricity to stimulate yourself could be considered a bit daft. I was worried I couldn't feel anything on power 6. Power seven it started to kick in, power 9 ohh yeah. Dread to think what 25 feels like!? Fortunately, the control buttons are robust and can’t be easily knocked into a different setting and the whole front of the unit is plastic so sticky hand and fingerprints can be easily wiped away with some toy cleaner on a damp (not wet) cloth.

      This is where the modes come in, they’re quite interesting. So let’s set the scene! One pad placed on perenium, one on the head of the cock (flesh not tip) and make sure the connections are well stuck on as if they’re not the current becomes more localised and a lot more intense and ruins the feelings.

      Setting 3 felt like I was plunging into a vagina, setting 7 felt like I was receiving a blowjob. Other settings are fun too, a couple seem to be designed to alternate between channels so you and someone else can alternate sensation or you can alternate sensations using all 4 pads. It feels like someone is caressing from pad A along the shaft to pad B rhythmically, quite good!

      Then there is Flick mode, just press the mode button until the LED to the side of the button lights up. Flick mode runs off sensors in the hand unit, the harder you swing the handset the more current goes through it, you can lazily swing it about to make your own random patterns and sensations or stick one on each of your partner's bum cheeks and Electro spank them! The unit has a line of LEDs running from green to red so you can check the power of your movement. If she’s been a naughty girl, spank her in the red zone!

      So yes, a very good unit, rechargeable, wipeable, easy to use buttons, good clear display, an option to use it on yourself and your partner at the same time and the Flick mode. My only real regret is that I didn’t have enough cash or experience to justify buying the Fluck 120 with its 4 channels.

      The pack is quite basic but they are quality, there is another option of this unit which offers a couple of basic toy attachment but I opted out of this and added the aluminium cock rings, the conducting elastic bracelets and the stroking sleeve separately as masturbating with pads on on your member is tricky.

      I haven’t included how much better these additions make the ElectraStim Flick Duo work as I wanted this review to be about this kit which has made writing this quite tricky. I will say the additions I bought make this unit work so maybe Lovehoney should sell this unit as a pack with one other proper attachment such as stroker or the cock rings or (when they expand their stock) a decent dildo option.

      The unit itself is fantastic, I highly recommend it if you want to explore e-stimming.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Simple, reliable, easy to use, fun, different, safe.
      Nothing but difficult to review standalone without a decent attachment.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant, it’s the foundation of exciting things to come! (Including me!)
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    1. Completely different and sensational

      Reviewed: 18 April 2017 by hedonizer

      First thing about this is it is really good fun, whilst totally safe and not at all daunting when experimenting with it. It is completely different from masturbation or sex, but provides sexual stimulation that definitely does, sometimes, lead to a hands free orgasm.

      The sensations are interesting and enjoyable. It is like a tingling on the lower level, to a wave coursing through you on the higher ones.

      It's a really great sensation, and does make you come, so I would definitely get it for that alone.

      It can be slightly fiddly to set up, and the process of setting it up isn't that erotic, so you sometimes lose the mood while you're getting set. However, that's not through any design flaw - it's as easy at it could be, just that it necessarily involves wires.

      You do have to experiment with different positions of the electrodes, and the different types of electrodes, to get the best feeling. If it feels dull or stabby when you turn the power up, just adjust the electrode a bit, and when it's right you get the amazing wave-coursing-through-you feeling. Also change your body position - it's slightly different (and can feel slightly stronger/weaker) depending on whether you open or straighten your legs, etc.

      Personally I find the sticky pads the best, and the plug, but the rubber loops aren't as good personally. Only thing with the pads is they lose their stickiness after a bit.

      The best bit about the whole experience isn't the orgasm itself - but the bit leading up to it. It doesn't always make you come every time. Once you've used it a few times you may have a session where you are enjoying the sensations but just for the sensations themselves - it's not going anywhere. However if you haven't done it for a while, you can get to a point where you aren't actually coming yet, but you *know* it's going to take you all the way, and that very point becomes almost like the new point of no return. Once after that point you are in a heightened state of arousal (and this phase lasts about 20 to 30 seconds) - slightly upping the power level during this phase is awesome. The length of, and feeling, of this phase, is what makes it addictive in my opinion.

      If however you aren't getting to that stage and you want to, leave it for a while and come back to it a few days/weeks/months later, and you will.

      The quality, design, etc is faultless in my opinion. A charge lasts ages, enough for many hours of use, several sessions worth. I am slightly curious about what the unexpected nature of the line in function on the EM140 would be like, but that would be even more wires, so I got this one instead because of its simplicity.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The sensations
      Bit fiddly, and pads lose their stickiness after a while
      Bottom line
      Awesome experience
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    1. The most fun you'll ever have electrocuting yourself

      Reviewed: 4 October 2015 by Tojo

      As sex toys go, this is the one most deserving of the word "toy". You can play around with this thing endlessly and no matter what you do with it, you'll have a fun time. There's absolutely no reason to be intimidated either. It's easy to use and always starts off on the lowest setting, so there'll be no nasty surprises.

      At the very lowest intensity settings, you might not feel anything at all. As you increase the intensity you'll start to notice a subtle, pleasant tingling. Increase it further and you'll enter pins-and-needles territory, albeit a more enjoyable version than you're used to. Beyond that it'll start causing muscles to tense or twitch, especially under certain pattern settings. Go too high and you'll definitely start to lose some arousal. There can still be some intense enjoyment at the higher voltages, but I've found it tends to be more for fun than pleasure.

      The two channels obviously allow you to connect more attachments at once, but it also comes with an unexpected side-effect... Depending on the rhythm settings you choose, it can feel like the sensations are sliding from one contact point to the other rather than alternating statically between the two. This works really well if you have contact points at either end of your penis for obvious reasons.

      If you're considering buying this and you haven't played with electricity before, I expect part of the appeal is just to find out what it feels like (as it was for me), and in that regard this delivers, though perhaps that alone is not worth the asking price. The good news is that this continues to hold appeal long after that curiosity has been satisfied, especially if you're into hands-free stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Endless variations of hands-free sensations. Well built and easy to use, too.
      The pads aren't great, so you'll need to buy extra attachments to unlock its potential.
      Bottom line
      A slightly shocking price, but it pays off in the long-run.
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