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    1. Je Joue Dua App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars10 reviews

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      1. Je Joue Dua App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Worldwide nubbin rubbin' fun is yours with the Dua by Je Joue. Contoured to fit your intimate curves for maximum G-spot and clitoral stimulation, unleash its 12 delectable vibration modes with the free app for unrivalled, powerful orgasms.

      Explore 7 thrilling patterns with the click of a button and kick-start 5 intense speed settings by downloading the free Je Joue app.

      Insert the bulbed end for precise internal G-spot stimulation and a light kegel workout and position the slender end against your clitoris to achieve breathtaking blended orgasms.

      Create vibration playlists to save and share with your lover, or let them take control of your pleasure via the iOS-compatible downloadable mobile app.

      Coat your Dua vibrator with a generous helping of water-based lube before play to maximise your pleasure and comfort.

      Key Features:

      • Je Joue USB app controlled G-spot and clitoral vibrator
      • 7 thrilling patterns and 5 powerful speeds to explore via the downloadable app
      • Flexible, bendable shape works with the contours of your body
      • 2 vibrating points for dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation
      • 2 hours of charging gives 2 hours of play
      • Completely waterproof for watery fun
      • Perfect for solo play and even better for couples
      • App is compatible with iOS and Android devices, for use with WiFi or data connection.
      • Vibrations can be controlled via the app up to 10 metres away
      • Winner in Good Housekeeping's annual Grown-up Guide 2017

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Je Joue Dua App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator 10 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Je Joue Dua App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Je Joue Dua App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Super fun for foreplay or outside the bedroom

      Reviewed: 28 April 2016 by Robinhoodwoof, a Gay Going Steady Female

      This was a super fun toy for me and my GF to take outside the bedroom and into fun places. As the end is quite large, once it's in it does a great job of rubbing her G-spot and the second motor does an amazing job on her clit.

      The remote is a tiny bit tricky to get the hang of, but I just checked the website and then had no worries. It's really discreet and works really well. The pen actually vibrates the same way the vibrator does, which I though was super-cool. This meant I could feel what my GF was feeling while we were playing!

      All in all, we have lots of fun with it, it's really comfortable and just remember to use some lube to get it in!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Its flexibility, its feel and its vibrations. And the cool app!
      Initially tricky to work remote.
      Bottom line
      Must-have for naughty fun... in or out of the bedroom!
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    1. Remote controlled excitement

      Reviewed: 5 February 2017 by john_of_leeds, a Straight Married Male

      The Dua comes in a very appealing package that lives up to the 'luxury' image that Je Joue are trying to portray. The toy itself is made of high-quality silicone, and fits well inside my wife - both ends hit just the right spots. It should stay put reliably if worn under clothes - less reliably if writhing around on a bed!

      The app is easy to use (we've not tried the 'pen' remote), and pairs to the toy easily. It did lose connection a couple of times but regained connection very quickly. Despite what the product page says, there is also an Android app, so you don't have to have an iPhone to enjoy this toy.

      Some of the vibration modes are not at all quiet and could be audible in a public setting, even when on low. However others ('Purr' in particular) are very subtle, and even if heard would only be mistaken for a phone on vibrate mode.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Surprisingly strong stimulation from a small, comfortable package.
      Does not support long distance play between partners.
      Bottom line
      A very good toy for discreet public play.
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    1. App controlled pleasure

      Reviewed: 1 May 2016 by bondagegod

      When there were toys from the Je Joue range on the tester list. All of the toys looked amazing and did seem to be very popular and spoke highly of on the forums. The Dua by Je Joue Remote Controlled G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator was added to the tester list and that was it I was in love with this toy. The day came for Leanne to select the testers and I kept everything crossed and when I checked my e-mails and saw I had been selected to test the Dua. I was very excited to be given the chance to test this product and review the Dua for Lovehoney. So thank you, Leanne.


      The Dua arrived in a sealed plain discreet brown box just a white label with your address on. This does help keep hidden what is inside so your parcel so you have complete discretion. The parcel arrived safe and securely using the Royal Mail tracked 24 service that Lovehoney provide when you spend over £50.


      On opening the parcel with great excitement the Dua comes in a medium size luxurious cellophane purple box with a flower decoration over the box. There is the Je Joue logo on the lid and the front and back of the box. The box is very smart and sophisticated and from looking at the box you wouldn’t think there was a sex toy inside. The only thing that gives it away is the quote “Remote play & control dual vibrator” on the front of the box.

      On removal of the lid you find a smart pull out black box, you simply lift off the lid and there you find the beautiful lilac G-spot and clitoral vibrator and black and silver pen-shaped remote in a moulded tray. There is also a Je Joue leaflet with basic instruction for the Dua. There is a separate compartment with a lift up lid that holds the charger for the Dua, one triple a battery for the remote control pen which I think is a good thing when toys include batteries so you don’t have to searching for one before you can play, and there is also a more detailed instruction leaflet for the Dua.


      First thought of the vibrator was it was larger than what I thought it would be at a maximum 5 inch circumference at the largest end to a much slimmer size at the clitoral pleasure end. Not that this was a bad thing as my wife enjoys larger toys. I did wonder if it could be used while having intercourse. The vibrator has a lovely smooth feel to the silicone and there is no particular smell to the vibrator. There is quite a bit of flexibility to the Dua not that there is any reason to bend it out of the C-shape that the vibrator is moulded to. To switch the toy on you press the small round pink button which is placed on the charging end of the vibrator for 3 seconds where you will see a small red light come just below. The is two separate motors at each end of the vibrator the bigger end has a much more powerful motor, compared to the smaller clitoral end of the toy, the motor this end is very noisy and would make it imposable to be worn out and about as it clearly would be heard.

      Remote control pen looks very much like a fountain pen and if you didn’t know then you would think it is a real pen. The battery goes in the silver lower half of the pen. You simply unscrew the middle and place the battery positive side down. To sync the remote with the vibrator you just had to hold the top of the pen for 2-5 seconds. The top of the pen has a silver dial on which you press once to change the patterns or turn the dial around for changing the vibration setting. There is a blue light on the top half of the pen which flashes in sync with the vibration pattern. The pen is a great idea as it is small, discreet, and is perfect size for your pocket if you were interested in using the toy while you’re out and about. The downside to the pen is it doesn’t work perfectly as sometimes you can press the dial and it doesn’t change the setting and also you don’t know what vibration setting you are actually on like you would when using the app.The pen can work for up to 15 meters away.

      To get the app you simply go to the app store and download for free. To get the app to work you need Bluetooth to be connected. The app is very impressive, has been very well made, and is full of information about Je Joue and all the information you need for the Dua. There are seven different patterns to choose from on the app. Each pattern has a different colour, which I found to be a great idea for when you are going through the patterns, and does makes it a lot easier than the pen for control the strength of the vibrations. The only downside to the app we have found is that if you move the phone away from the vibrator then you lose the connectivity with the app, which can be very frustrating. There is also the option to create your own pattern and keep it saved on the app which is a good thing as you get to have your own personal pleasure pattern which you can even name and you can send this setting via e-mail to your lover and there is a link to save to the app which when clicked it saves automatically in sessions.

      Vibration settings:

      On the app there is 7 different vibrations setting and they all have different names:

      Each setting has the same speed settings of 1-5

      The different vibrations are:

      1) Rhythm

      Constant vibration in clitoral head

      2) Purr

      Constant vibration in bulbed head

      3) Intense

      Pulsating in both heads

      4) Cascade

      Constant vibration in both heads

      5) Energise

      Dot, dot, dot in clitoral head

      Dash, dash, dash in bulbed head

      6) Glow

      Pulsating in clitoral head

      Increasing/Decreasing in bulbed head

      7) Mood

      Quicker pulsating in both ends

      8) Your saved sessions


      Normally my wife would use lube with toys but found the smooth silicone material of the Dua made easy to slip the larger end of the toy inside of her vagina and the small clitoral arm bends round and sits directly on her clit.

      The pleasure my wife received from the bulbed end of the Dua depends on the rhythm and speeds of the settings as there is a good range of pleasures she has felt from a gentle massages to orgasmic pleasures. Even though the vibrations are not enough to make my wife squirt, it still makes her wet with pleasure for a session after she had her play and pleasure from the Dua. We did have intercourse while the Dua was inside of my wife as I slipped my erect penis underneath the bulbed end and this heightened the vibrations in her G-spot as she enjoyed the pleasure of the two together and I could feel the vibrations on my shaft.

      The vibrations from the clitoral arm gave my wife a lot of pleasure as it felt like a hands-free clit stick. She could lie back and enjoy the pleasure as the vibrations patterns shoot straight into her clit as she enjoys her clitoral play. During our normal sessions she very much enjoyed the range of vibrations in the clitoral arm. Sometimes the arm does move by itself and she had to readjust back on to her clit, though this doesn’t happen too often during a session.


      The Dua does need charging up when you first receive the toy. To charge the Dua you have to place the pink plastic charging dock which has two silver magnetic spots which holds on to the smaller end of the vibrator. We did find it is best if you stand the vibrator up to get the best connection so it charges properly. The Dua takes two hours to charge which gives you a two hour play. When charging the light will flash and when fully charged the light will stay fully on red.


      Cleaning of the Dua is simple and easy with the toy being waterproof. Simply wash the Dua in the sink with hot water and soap. The smooth silicone washes up very easily and just simply towel dried the vibrator and put away in the box until next time.


      With Lovehoney excellent return policy you can return any item up to a year from date of purchase for any reason.

      Je Joue also offer a 1 year international guarantee against any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship, upon valid proof of purchase.


      If you were prepared to spend £119 on a sex toy then you would expect it to be a faultless toy. The Dua does have it’s faults like the remote control pen doesn't work properly but you do have the app which is a much better way for control the vibrator. So that isn't too much of an issue. When the app keeps disconnecting it can be frustrating mid-session to having to wait to reconnect, even though it doesn't switch the vibrator off. The loudness of the motor on the clitoral arm is disappointing as it means it would be almost impossible to wear when you’re out and about. Obviously if you brought the Dua just to use in the bedroom then the loudness won't be an issue.

      The positives side of the Dua is, when the app is fully connected and working fine, being in charge of the vibrations settings and speed of how much my wife is feeling. It’s a great turn-on as I see how much the vibrator is pleasing her, especially when combined with restraint play. It is a fun element to be in complete control of your partner pleasure. One of the main positives of the Dua is the size of the head, it has a larger girth compared to other app-controlled toys on the market. My wife really enjoyed the size as she gets more pleasure from larger girths on her toys. Even though the Dua is not 100% perfect it is certainly worth considering if you’re looking to purchase this kind of product.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Controlling the vibrations by using the app. Being in charge of her pleasure is exciting.
      The loudness of the vibrations makes it impossible to use out and about.
      Bottom line
      Great couples toy for the bedroom with good range of vibrating settings.
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