1. Lockable Silicone Chastity Cock Cage Set

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      1. Lockable Silicone Chastity Cock Cage Set

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    1. Product Description

      Become a pecker puppeteer and gain complete control over your lover's erections with this sensational beginner's cock cage. While its silicone chamber keeps restraint comfortable, the simple 3-piece design ensures first-time chastity is a doddle.

      Gone are the days of unwanted boners. Slip this silicone cock cage over your partner's penis while flaccid and buckle them in with your choice of plastic or metal lock. The curved cock compartment is velvety-smooth and squishable for maximum comfort, but is rigid enough to stop unruly stiffies rearing their heads.

      In addition, while the silicone portion of this chastity device is pleasantly lightweight and ventilated for comfy long term wear, the adjustable stainless steel ball ring gives this cage an attention-grabbing total weight of 120g. Even under clothing, your sub is reminded of your absolute authority at all times.

      When discipline is over for the day release your plaything and dismantle the cage to easy clean and store.

      Key Features:

      • Silicone and metal cock cage for first-time chastity play
      • Silicone shaft with ventilation and urethral holes enables prolonged wear
      • Stainless steel ball loop adjusts between 5.5 - 6 inches in circumference for a tailored fit
      • Minimal parts make it easy to use, even if this is your first cock cage
      • Includes metal padlock, 2 keys, 3 plastic locks and a sample of sex toy cleaner and lube

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    1. Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone Chastity Cage

      Transform into a pecker puppeteer & gain complete control over your lover's erections with this amazing beginner's cock cage. While its silicone chamber keeps restraint comfortable, the simple 3-piece design ensures first-time chastity is a doddle.

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      Lockable Silicone Chastity Cock Cage Set 21 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Lockable Silicone Chastity Cock Cage Set
      2. Lockable Silicone Chastity Cock Cage Set


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    1. Great Great Great

      Reviewed: 13 June 2017 by RJacki, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Starting of with the packaging, was all sent in a discreet plain box and arrived the next day. I couldn't wait to get home from work and try it on.

      I got home tried it on and was really confused at first as it slipped off at first. After waiting for the excitement to pass I tried again and... wow!

      I love it! It's discreet and you can really feel it. Its also quite weighty, but I quite like this.

      This is my first cadge and I would highly recomend. I can't wait for the OH to play with me too in it. :D

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Not as easy to put on as the description would suggest.
      Bottom line
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    1. Too small for my man

      Reviewed: 31 January 2018 by JustDonna, a Straight Married Female

      Although this is very well made and good value, unfortunately it's too small for my husband and became painful after wearing it for only a short time. It also left him red and sore where the buckle attaches. The ring could do with being bigger to make a more comfortable fit. And the holes could be bigger for the lock to rotate for more comfort.

      Although it was a little small, we still made good use of it and it made for a very enjoyable evening. Plus very discreet so able to wear under normal clothing.

      It definitely hasn't put us off, and we are looking into finding a bigger one.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Very well made for the price, easy to clean, looks good when on.
      Was too small to be comfortable.
      Bottom line
      Really good, but not if your fella is on the larger size.
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    1. Great for the beginner

      Reviewed: 5 December 2017 by J&A_est2013, a Straight Engaged Male

      We'd read a number of reviews for a variety of chastity cage products but being new to the idea, many of the ones available on the market appeared overly industrial with their metallic finish and more suited to a dungeon than a bedroom. Admittedly for some, that might be an added bonus. However, my OH found the silicone aspect less intimidating and more as a bit of fun.

      It is comfortable to wear for short periods (not worn it more than a few hours) and provides sufficient restraint for a beginner. The silicone itself means that it is easy to put on without causing any pinching and is very easy to clean and keep hygienic.

      As already mentioned in other reviews it is possible to manipulate the silicone shell to get out and if requiring something more rigid and secure for longer-term use then perhaps look for an alternative product. However, that ability does provide reassurance should a key go missing!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made, fun, does the job.
      Nothing, does what you want.
      Bottom line
      A great product for the beginner!
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    1. Cage the Elephant

      Reviewed: 8 November 2016 by RomeoChallenger, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Okay, let’s get straight to the main points – I’ll dispense with the obvious description as you can already read about that in the product description and similarly as with everything from Lovehoney it came in discreet and well-secured packaging, so no knowing smiles from the postie!

      When you first unpack this I’d suggest that the gentlemen take time to familiarise for themselves the devil of the detail without the good lady in tow for two reasons. Firstly, there is a moment in which you’re a bit stumped on how to put it on, you don’t get any instructions and the video supplied by Lovehoney is a little polite and vague on the details, to be honest, but with a quick google image search I was well on my way. Secondly, everything is snug (as it's meant to be) so perhaps having your good lady around and helping is going to cause a few ‘packing’ problems – you really don’t need any encouragement, gents!

      So I bobbed it on for the day and wore it throughout a work day, no problems, no discomfort and no awkward moments (I’ll talk about this in a bit more detail later) and then after work met her Ladyship in town for a few drinks, which turned into a bit of an all-nighter, which leads to the practical concerns.

      At some point you are going to need the toilet and this presents you a few options on that score:

      1. You ask her Ladyship to be released (assuming you don’t have the keys which defeats the point I guess) and then release yourself - I had given her Ladyship the keys with some hesitation I must admit, and I had visions of a few beers too many and her losing the keys and an awkward chat with the local locksmith, which thankfully didn’t come to pass.

      2. Assuming that being released isn’t on the cards then you’ll perhaps be relieved to know that going to the toilet is perfectly feasible and being silicone is easy enough to also give a bit of a wash along with your hands, although you do either need to slip into a cubicle, hope no-one comes into the toilet at the same time or just brazen it out, stride with confidence and look the other gentleman in the eye with a suitable devil may care attitude and swagger on out – challenger as the beers flowed I started leaning much more to the latter.

      Whilst I had been comfortable wearing it all day and felt it was unnoticeable, we stopped for a few drinks in a well-known gay bar and I have to be honest, I felt the local clientele clocked me straight from the off, perhaps just paranoia but the smiles seemed a little too knowing! Throughout the evening, her Ladyship did take time to tease and have a cheeky fondle now and again and it was all very pleasing and there was some titillation to be had by the whole experience and the building awareness of getting home and her letting me out and getting down to some business was very sexy.

      It’s that restrained anticipation, the build-up and sense of longing that is probably the point of such devices, or at least in my mind it was. In describing the experience to my better half, I made the analogy to wearing cuffs or ties in bed, it’s the tease, the sense of not quite knowing and letting your significant other be in charge, controlling the pace, the timing and possibly even the ‘if’ it will happen.

      When she asked me how it physically felt to wear, it was somewhat difficult to get across that there is genuinely no pain, or real discomfort, it just is. I explained it was like wearing pants, you know you’re wearing them and it feels snug but that’s it. You don’t get excited as such, you simply can’t – so like any sense that is restricted it heightens the other senses – so in my experience it really focused my mind and the thinking of sex aspect rather than perhaps the more primal urge.

      Would I use it again? Sure, it was comfortable, practical daily stuff works but the real appeal has to be in handing over the control to your lady and letting her take the lead and setting the agenda, with some flirty behaviour over the course of the day to build up the excitement.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Handing the keys over, gulp!
      Bottom line
      An alternative experience, worth a punt.
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    1. Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone Chastity Cage

      Reviewed: 22 March 2016 by Techdave84

      Firstly, I really have enjoyed this cage!

      Like many of the reviews, it took a little while to work out getting it on, but once the method had been worked out it is easy.

      Personally, I found it quite comfortable to wear throughout the day (when flaccid) but small enough that when those moments did happen, restraint and reminder occurred.

      Much to mistresses dismay, we found that I could get this on and off while it was still locked up even though I'm not exactly small.

      Overall, this meant that it was quite good for me to wear for a day, knowing that if I needed to get it off in an emergency I could, and it took willpower to not remove it when I wanted to.

      This would be good for men wanting to try cages for the first time or who just want something more as a visual than restraining.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Soft and comfortable (obviously only at certain times).
      Too big and easily escapable for (what I think is an average size).
      Bottom line
      Great beginner cage.
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