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    Kegel balls are wonderful for tightening your pelvic floor muscles for better sensations during sex - for both of you! Find out how to choose the best jiggle balls for you with our advice guides.

      Buyers GuidesHow To Use Kegel Balls

    1. How to Use Kegel BallsIt's well known that a toned pelvic floor means a tighter vagina and improved continence, but did you know that strong pelvic muscles also lead to more powerful sensations during arousal and stronger, better orgasms for all involved?

      Jiggle Balls,are designed to help you locate your pelvic floor muscles and work them effectively. Also known as Ben Wa balls, Burmese balls, geisha balls or love balls, Kegel balls (which is their proper name) are inserted into the vagina and by holding them in and clenching around them you will target and strengthen the correct muscle groups.

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      Buyers GuidesHow To Use A Vibrating Love Egg

    1. How To Use A Vibrating Love EggFor those who are yet to experience the fun of a remote control vibrator, let us break it down for you. Small and discreet, a remote control vibrator is a bullet or egg shaped sex toy that comes with its own, separate controller.

      Virtually silent, these vibrators can be used at home or when you're out and about - and no one will be any the wiser. The vibrations won’t be audible below the low hum of chatter and music in a supermarket or restaurant and it makes for great fun if you hand the controller to your partner in a bar or night club!

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