1. How To Choose PVC Clothing

    Black Level PVC Zip Front Halterneck Mini Dress

    Despite what many people believe, PVC clothing and latex clothing are not exactly the same thing, although both are great for giving a shiny, figure-hugging look.

    PVC (or polyvinylchloride, or vinyl) is a plastic polymer that's used to coat fabric to create a glossy, waterproof surface, whereas latex is a form of rubber that creates a more restrictive feeling. PVC makes a great cheap alternative to both latex and leather, has a much lower risk of causing an allergic reaction, and is often found in fetish or BDSM-inspired outfits.

    But how do you know what is the best PVC outfit for you? Keep reading for our expert tips and top recommendations.

    Above: Find out the difference between latex and PVC in this video by bondage expert, Jess Wilde.

    Why choose PVC?

    • Doesn’t require shining like latex fabric, maintaining a shiny surface without any additional assistance.
    • Traps heat, allowing you to stay warm even when wearing tiny outfits.
    • Water resistant and can be wiped clean.
    • Easier to care for than both latex and leather as it is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t require nurturing.
    • Cheaper than latex or leather
    • Can be worn by people with latex allergies
    • Can easily be mixed and matched with other PVC garments

    How to choose the best PVC outfit for you

    • Choose which part of your body you'd like to show off. By selecting a style that accentuates your favourite body part, you're bound to feel more comfortable!
    • Get the right fit. Because most PVC garments are designed to be figure-hugging, and aren't always as stretchy as other fabrics, make sure that you're wearing the size you actually are, rather than the size you want to be. Check the customer reviews or contact our Customer Care team if you're not sure what the best fit would be.
    • Start small. If you're not sure whether PVC is the fabric for you, get something small like a bralet or a skirt that can easily be paired with other materials first. Then, if you like it, you can grab that PVC catsuit.

    Our pick of the best PVC clothes

    If you're still not sure which PVC garment is best for you, then check out our top recommendations.

    1. Black Level PVC Underbust Corset and G-String

      Black Level PVC Underbust Corset

      Cinch in your waist with this underbust corset.

    2. Black Level PVC Zip Front Halterneck Mini Dress

      Black Level PVC Halterneck Dress

      Add stockings for high octane sex appeal.

    3. Seven 'til Midnight Lace and Wet Look Elbow Length Gloves

      Seven 'til Midnight Lace and Wet Look Elbow Length Gloves

      Why not add a little PVC to your accessories?

    4. Black Level PVC Catsuit with Full Length Zip

      Black Level PVC Full Length Catsuit

      Go all out in a skintight catsuit.

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