How To Use a Condom

Written by Hannah Lovegrove, 16th November, 2022

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. We’re here to help you figure out how to make condoms feel good so you can stay safe while having a naughty.

When you’re bumping beautifuls with your playmate, the only thing you want to come away with are juicy orgasms and happy memories, not sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy (if one of you is a vulva owner). That’s where a trusty condom comes into play. Unless abstinence is your jam, condoms are one of the best ways to protect against both STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

But Jimmy’s are only effective when they’re used the right way, which is why it’s essential to master the art of not only fitting a condom but also taking it off correctly.

While you might think all you have to do is slip it on and slip it in, there’s more to how to use a condom safely than you might think. From picking the right condom for you and your boo to putting it on correctly and removing it without making a mess, we’ve pulled together some top tips for staying safe between the sheets.

Finding the right rubber


At Lovehoney, we’ve got a whole stack of different Johnny’s to suit most members. Whether you’re after something to fit a sizeable shaft, you’re looking for something that offers a snug fit for a smaller shaft, or you’re just looking for a regular rubber, we’ve got you covered with a range of shapes and sizes.

But the fun doesn’t end there. We’ve also got condoms that are ribbed for their pleasure, flavoured condoms for an extra tasty treat, and ultra-thin rubbers for an even closer feeling. And if latex condoms don’t agree with your bits, we’ve also got latex-free dingers to keep you safe and your downstairs happy.

How to fit a Condom


When it comes to finding the right condom, you need to think like Goldilocks and make sure the size is juuuust right. But exactly how should a condom fit? Doodles come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to find a Jimmy hat to fit your old fella.

There are very few instances in life where size matters, but fitting condoms is one of those times. If the condom is too big, it could slip off while doing the deed, leaving you and your playmate susceptible to STIs and potential pregnancy. On the other hand, if your love glove is too small it’ll feel uncomfortable and you could risk busting right through the bag while making woopie.

So to get an idea of the size of your schlong, it’s time to whip out the ruler and measure your member. Just be sure to do this while you’ve got a hard-on or you’ll end up with the wrong-sized dommies.

Start by measuring the length of your junk from the base of your peen to the tippy top of your knob. You’ll also want to take the girth of your wang at the thickest part using a cloth tape measure. If you don’t have a flexible measure on hand, use a piece of string instead and measure it against a ruler. Once you’ve got your measurements on hand, you can begin your hunt for the perfect-sized happy hat. Have a good look at the product description and specifications and compare them against your measurements to find the best size for you.

You’ll know you’ve found your match when your franger is firm but comfortable with no slipping or discomfort. Condoms are made to be tight, but not so tight that they feel like they’re about to bust at any second.

At Lovehoney, we stock a huge range of Johnny bags to suit all shapes and sizes. From regular old condoms to closer fit jimmys and extra large sheaths, we should have a rubber to fit your rod. You can even pick up a party pack if you’re keen to test out an assortment of action plastics.

How to put Condoms on correctly


Once you’ve nailed the fit of your franger, it’s time to master the art that is how to put on a condom.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure your dinger is ready for action. Unlike a fine wine, condoms don’t get better with age. In fact, the materials slowly deteriorate over time, leaving them more prone to breaking while bonking. So before you slip on your sock, it’s important to check that it’s still in date. Check the expiry listed on the individual dinger packet, and while you’re at it give it a good once over to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with. If you notice any rips, tears, holes or anything else suss, chuck it and grab a freshy. It’s not worth the risk.

Now that you’ve given the goods a once over, it’s time to move on to how to wear a condom right. Whether you’re putting your ‘dom on a willy or a toy, the same rules apply.

Start by removing your dinger from its foil wrapper by tearing the side and pulling out your happy hat. When it comes to how to put on a penis sleeve properly, it’s important to make sure you minimise any air in your Jimmy or you risk popping your protection. To do this, you’ll want to squeeze the tip of your dinger between your forefinger and thumb before placing it over the head of your willy or your boo’s boner, making sure the roll is on the outside. A word to the wise: Don’t attempt to slip on a snake lace if there’s no wind in your sails or your chub’s only at half-mast. It’s a battle not worth fighting, so wait until that party in your pants gets going.

While still squeezing the tip of the dong bag, use your free hand to gently roll the length of the kitten mitten down your bone or your lover’s junk. Once your rubber is securely in place and you’ve coated it in your favourite love juice, you’re ready to get down and dirty. Just make sure that your loobie of choice is compatible with the condom material or you could be in for a mid-bone breakage.

How to use a ladies Condom


While most people are familiar with male, or external, dommies, you can also get internal condoms which are designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus. Like external condoms, internal frangers are also effective at protecting against pregnancy and STIs when used correctly. However, unlike male or external condoms, which are available in a range of different sizes, textures and flavours, internal condoms are a one-size-fits-all type situation, so there’s no need to whip out the measuring tape in this instance.

Internal condoms are often made from synthetic rubber and feature two flexible rings at either end. One end of the internal rubber is completely covered to create a physical barrier and protect both parties.

To use an internal condom, you’ll want to once again start by checking the expiry date and the individual packaging for any damage or potential contaminants. Once you’ve given it the all clear, carefully tear the package and gently remove the internal condom. Squeeze the flexible ring of the closed end before inserting it into the vajango or anoos. If you’re having trouble getting it in, apply a little bit of lube tube to help the process. The ring of the open side of the condom is designed to sit over part of the genital skin.

Again, internal condoms are single-use, so once you’ve had your way with it, carefully remove it, wrap it and bin it.

How to use a Condom safely

When it comes to how to use a condom, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you on your merry way:

  • Don’t reuse your franger: Condoms are designed to be single-use, so don’t be tempted to try and re-wear your dinger. Whether it slips off during the deed or you’re going in for round two, always reach for a freshie.

  • Wrap your willy before you bone: Never start your sesh bareback. Even the earliest stages of a stiffy can contain sperm and also leave you open to contracting an STI, so don’t be a chump, protect your junk.

  • Bin your bag: Dispose of your rubber correctly by placing it in the bin instead of flushing it or you could be up for a sizeable plumber’s bill and a whole lot of embarrassment.

  • Don’t double up: Whether you’re using an external condom or an internal franger, don’t be tempted to use two dingers or a combination of the two at the same time. The friction of the condom material rubbing together can cause breakages or slippage, which defeats the purpose of wearing it to begin with.

  • Lather up with lube: While lubing the exterior of your rubber is an absolute must, did you know that adding a drop of slippage to the inside of an external condom can help to cut friction and make it a more comfortable fit? Next time you’re struggling to get that sheath over your shaft, add a touch of swelly jelly and it should slip right on.

  • Protect your toys: Whether you’re planning on sharing a toy with your other half or you’re swapping it from your front bum to your backdoor, condoms are a quick and easy way to eliminate fluid exchange. Just make sure you use a fresh strap before entering a different hole.

And that just about covers it. Now that you know how a condom should fit and how to put on a condom, you can go forth and put your newfound knowledge to practice. Enjoy those explosive results with peace of mind knowing that you and your plaything are staying safe.

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