1. How to Become a Sexual Wellness Expert: Looking Back at Virtual Camp Lovehoney

    Virtual Camp Lovehoney

    In September, Lovehoney Australia hosted its first-ever Virtual Camp Lovehoney, an online sexual wellness event to empower viewers and enhance their sexual learning (because, as we know, you can never know enough about sex). We rounded up a bunch of amazing speakers to take us on a journey of sexual discovery, talking about all things sex - from sexuality to body confidence to sex toys. Love talking about sex with your pals but missed this chance to hear what the experts have to say? No worries - you can catch up here.

    Video: Virtual Camp Lovehoney's roundtable discussion with sex tech expert Bryony Cole, sex coach Cam Fraser, sexologist Chantelle Otten and writer and actor Kath Ebbs.

    Want to learn more about living your best sexual life? Catch up on some of the other amazing sessions from Virtual Camp Lovehoney.

    Removing the Taboo of Male Sex Toys with Cam Fraser

    Loving the Skin You're in with AJ Clementine

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