Butt Plugs 101: The Ins (and Outs) of Anal Toys

by Cecile

on Apr 5, 2019


Curious about butt plugs? Want to know what they feel like and why people use them? You've come to the right place.

Your butthole is packed with sensitive nerve endings that can feel incredible when stimulated. But how do you get to them when they're tucked away in your butt? Of course, a finger or a willing partner's penis can help you out, but there is another, super-pleasurable option if you're keen for a little bumfunnery.

Enter the trusty butt plug: an intrepid little toy that's shaped to fit your body and more than happy to help you explore the pleasures that lie beyond your backdoor.

Butt plugs come in different shapes, sizes and materials, so which one's best for you will depend on your experience, anatomy and what kind of sensations you're after.

With the right prep and progression, a butt plug can offer a new, and potentially more intense, way to orgasm.

Read on to find out how...

What's behind door number 2?


You're probably pretty familiar with your own butt cheeks (and maybe someone else's too), but what's going on inside there?

Your anal canal measures about 1-1.5 inches long and is made up of two rings of muscle: external and internal.

The external muscle is the one you can deliberately squeeze and relax – it's also the one you encounter first when you insert a toy or finger into your butt. The internal muscle is controlled by your nervous system, so you can't control it in the same way (its job is mostly to keep your poop from escaping before you're ready). Both these muscles are filled with nerves, so they're super sensitive, and can feel ah-mazing when stimulated.

One really important thing to know about your anus is that it doesn't self lubricate. So whether you're inserting a toy, finger or penis you'll definitely need to use a thick water-based anal lubricant like Discover, for long-lasting slip, comfort and safety.

What does a butt plug look like?


The shape you're probably most familiar with has a flared base, a slender neck and a bulb that tapers to a tip.

This tip allows for easy insertion, while the bulb gives you a pleasurable 'full-up' feeling once it's inside. There's also a slender neck to ensure the plug stays in place, and the flared base stops it from going too far. Definitely don't put anything into your butt that doesn't have a flared base, as there's a very real risk of over-insertion.

There are also curved butt plugs with an angled, contoured bulb to stimulate the prostate, or P-spot.

Some even vibrate, and come with remote controls which can add an exciting element to couple's play.

When you're starting out, you'll want to go for a small beginner-friendly plug. The anal opening has the highest concentration of nerve endings, so even a little plug can provide incredible sensations.

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The ins (and outs) - a step-by-step guide


First, coat your plug and butthole with plenty of lubricant and position yourself comfortably. Place the tip against your butthole and gently push it inside. As the plug enters you, it will pass through the super sensitive external muscle - this might tickle a little bit.

As you go deeper, the plug will encounter the internal muscle. Take your time – a little discomfort is normal, but if you feel any pain it's important to stop.

Once your plug is in place, you should feel a sense of fullness. If you have a prostate, you may feel the plug pushing against your P-spot. You can now gently squeeze and relax your muscles, moving your body for a hands-free internal massage.

If you've climaxed whilst wearing your plug the muscles in this area will have just contracted. This means you'll need to wait a moment or two for your muscles to relax before removing your toy. Pull very gently on the flared base, then wash it with warm water, spritz with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

Butt plug FAQs

Do I really need lube?

Yep. No ifs, no but(t)s.

What are butt plugs made from?

Silicone plugs are firm but flexible, bending with your every movement. They feel silky smooth to the touch, and are only compatible with water-based lubricants. Glass and metal plugs are rigid, and offer firmer, weightier stimulation. They're also temperature-responsive, so you can warm or cool them to add thrilling sensations to your anal play. You can also find plugs made from bendy PVC, latex and smooth coated plastic.

Is using a butt plug messy?

It shouldn't be, especially if you've been to the toilet that day. If you're worried, have a bath or shower, and use an anal douche if you want to feel squeaky clean.

What will it feel like when it's inside me?

For people with prostates, a butt plug can put pressure on the P-spot, which can result in a prostate orgasm. For people with a clitoris, the plug gives the wearer a pleasurable feeling of being 'full up', and can also stimulate the G-spot from the other side.

Will a butt plug stretch me?

No, your anus will return to its original size after play.

Can a butt plug disappear inside me?

Not if it has a flared base, T-bar or suction cup.

How long can I wear one for?

As long as your comfortable, you can wear a butt plug for several hours. You may want to reapply lubricant to ensure prolonged wear remains comfortable.

Is a butt plug a good way to prepare for anal sex?

Yes, it can help to get you used to the sensation and relax your muscles before anal sex. Anal play doesn't have to lead to anal sex though – only do what you're comfortable with.

Can I try bigger butt plugs?

Absolutely, but it's best to build up to bigger things gradually. Get yourself an anal training kit with a range of sizes to get used to the sensations and slowly work your way up. No matter how experienced you are with anal play and large toys, you should warm up with smaller toys first, every time you play.

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