Position of the Week: Raise the Roof

by Lovehoney

on Oct 3, 2020

Playing musical chairs will be firmly off limits once you've tried out the Best Seat in the House position.

Position of the Week: Raise the Roof

Fantastic for both vaginal or anal sex – internal pleasure spots will be showered with attention, while hands are free to explore external hot zones.


The giving partner sits in a chair and leans their body back, keeping their knees together with their feet lifted and toes on the floor. The receiving partner straddles the seated partner, facing away from them, with their body leaning slightly forward.


The receiving partner can step into the driving seat and take it nice and slow or get pulses racing with some bouncing up and down. Whichever pace they decide on, they can prepare for some delicious G-spot or P-spot stimulation, all in the comfort of a chair or sofa. Plus, there are two sets of completely free hands and fingers to caress external pleasure areas such as the clitoris, nipples and testicles, to create a heady mix of stimulation.


If a little support is needed for the more vigorous of paces, the top partner can simply place their hands on the bottom partner's thighs and invite them to hold onto their waist to help lift them up and down.

Make it even better

"The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for." Apply Michael Kors logic to accessorising sex and foreplay, and you have yourself a 'totally to die for' sex life. Best Seat in the House is a prime example of how sex positions can be accessorised with extra buzz and stimulation. In fact, you're spoilt for choice.

Will you choose to heighten internal sensations with a wearable couples vibrator or strapless strap-on vibrator? Will the giving or receiving partner delight in anal stimulation from a vibrating butt plug?

Or will you go all out on the external stimulation with a bullet vibrator or vibrating cock ring (wear it so the clitoral stimulator is positioned on the underside of the penis if you're indulging in vaginal sex in this position)?

Not the position for you?

We're working to make sure that everyone is represented on our website, regardless of who you love, so we'll be using a variety of gender depictions in our Position of the Week posts. This will include straight, gay, lesbian, and gender neutral couples, but all positions will have details in the description of how to make them work for your own relationship dynamic.


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Originally published on Oct 3, 2020. Updated on Jan 13, 2021