The Sex Ed You Never Had by Chantelle Otten


  • The Sex Ed You Never Had by Chantelle Otten for anyone wanting to learn about sex
  • An inclusive guide to sex, bodies and relationships - great for all ages
  • Ideal gift for anyone in search of answers and validation

Get up-to-date with what you thought you knew about sex from award-winning psychosexologist, Chantelle Otten, with the well-overdue, inclusive and meticulous guide to all things sex, bodies and relationships.

This comprehensive guide is filled with accurate facts and helpful illustrations on anatomy, 'taboo' experiences, and normal functions that have perhaps been previously deemed embarrassing and even shameful, impacting people's mental and physical health.

From breaking myths about reproductive health to exploring ideas of consent, The Sex Ed You Never Had will teach everyone something, if not many things, about their body, and the fun and pleasurable ways it can be used.

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    • Book Contents: Sex Tips

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