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    1. Cock Locker Inflatable Large Dildo and Butt Plug 7.5 Inch

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. Cock Locker Inflatable Large Dildo and Butt Plug 7.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      2 toys 1 pump: are you ready to be filled? Cock Locker's innovative inflatable latex dildo and butt plug inflate simultaneously via a single hand bulb, causing gorgeous stretching satisfaction inside one lucky lover - or why not take one each?

      The dildo starts at a 6 inch girth and features a realistic veiny shape that build's on nature's finest appendage, while the butt plug starts at a 6.5 inch circumference and only gets more satisfying.

      Revel in the sensation of internal movement while building up to better satisfaction as you pump your way to mega pleasure.

      Too intense? A quick-release valve on the hand bulb instantly deflates the toys for complete peace of mind.

      Plenty of water-based lube is a must for enjoying your toys.

      Key Features:

      • Inflatable dildo and butt plug with hand bulb that inflates both toys simultaneously
      • Perfect for simple solo use or concurrent use with a lover
      • Super-stretchy latex - dildo girth inflates from 6 inches to 9 inches, while butt plug inflates from 6.5 inches to 8 inches
      • Quick-release valve keeps you safe and comfortable
      • Can help you build up to using bigger toys

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Cock Locker Inflatable Large Dildo and Butt Plug 7.5 Inch 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Cock Locker Inflatable Large Dildo and Butt Plug 7.5 Inch
      2. Cock Locker Inflatable Large Dildo and Butt Plug 7.5 Inch


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    1. Dual inflatable

      Reviewed: 14 August 2018 by T - male

      This is a new sort of toy for me and now that I’ve got my head around it.

      It’s definitely one of my favourites. I love how smooth the dildo slides without any friction. You’ll need a lot of lube with these toys, though, as they do get dry when your constantly inflating and deflating them.

      One thing I didn’t like about this product was that there was no way to use each toy separately. Other than that I really enjoyed this toy!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Very smooth.
      Couldn’t use one toy at a time, only both.
      Bottom line
      A must-have!
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    1. Can't get to grips with it

      Reviewed: 20 November 2016 by ThrowMeToTheLesbians, a Bisexual Single Female

      I've taken as long as I can to get to grips with this Dual set I was so generously given by LH in exchange for an honest review.

      Unfortunately, I can't say it has impressed me much.

      Packaging by Lovehoney was, as usual, the standard brown box with minimal details. The packaging by Renegade Rubber, on the other hand was, nothing more than a clear plastic bag. Whilst the focus may not be on presentation of the product, it still feels very overlooked, especially for a product with that price tag.

      The care instructions included consists of how to take care of your clothing. Clothing. Nothing at all about insertables. Whilst some of the information offered may be universal to latex - storing temp, sunlight exposure - the rest of the information is useless for this product. So you're going to have to rely on Google for advice.

      Onto the actual product. It does feel well made. No imperfections or stress marks, the valve is one of the most secure and efficient I've come across, and the seal from the tubes to the plug and dildo is infallible.

      They're a good size for intermediate anal users, and the dildo good for vaginal beginner. Used in conjunction they will give an amazingly full feeling. They're also perfect for training yourself for larger toys.

      For BDSM use they would be perfect for keeping a sub filled as you play with the pump.

      When used with a partner you can use your muscles to 'pulsate' air back and forth, a wonderful sensation whilst you play.

      The tube length is long enough to stretch between two connected people, whilst on the same bed, but you can't really go further apart than that.

      The real downside to to this for me was the lack of solid core inside. I did not expect that at all. Fully deflated, they're floppy and useless. Inflated and ready for use, they're not solid enough to 'force' penetration. Especially for the butt plug - you need to really open yourself with a similar product as I found trying to do it with this impossible, and I was terrified of bursting it.

      I do wish there was two more valves to block airflow to each of the individual pieces. Having the ability to inflate them separately would be a great feature. The tubes are connected by a three-way piece of hard plastic, and it does seem easy to detach when that is the intention, but tugging and pulling during use will not make them budge at all.

      One piece of advice I would like to yell from the rooftops: lube, lube, lube. Just, go nuts. Seriously, friction burn from this was not pleasant. I was surprised with how often I needed to reapply, and I'm not one to be stingy with lube normally.

      To clean, I simply used warm soapy water a few times over before gently drying with a soft towel and air drying. If you wish to use toy cleaning sprays - research it first. Alcohol is present in a lot of disinfecting sprays and dries out latex over time. This could weaken your toy and having it burst at the wrong moment will be a dangerous situation. I would stick to mild hand soap/baby soap and water.

      This will pick up every speck of dust and fluff near it, so you're better cleaning before use as well. Storage is best in a dark but not cold place, preferably wrapped in something soft and boxed to prevent accidental puncture.

      If you've used the Cock Locker products before you will have an idea as to what you can expect and can make an informed decision before purchase. However, if you're new to the brand or inflatable toys you probably want to really think about it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Size, build quality, durability.
      Lack of solid core, no actual care instructions included.
      Bottom line
      Great, if you know what you're expecting.
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