1. Squirtz CyberSkin Ejaculating Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch

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      1. Squirtz CyberSkin Ejaculating Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Enjoy ejaculation whenever you want with Squirtz, an intensely realistic dildo that comes at your command. Feel the thrill of authentic sensations from its skin-like detailing before letting its squirting sensation bring you to your own delicious finish.

      With an intense 6.5 insertable inches, you'll enjoy a filling thrilling from the word go. Prepare your realistic dildo in advance by squeezing the balls and submerging the head of the penis in your choice of lube or liquid. When ready, squeeze the balls and release the steady stream.

      Always lube the head and shaft for the most intense sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike dildo with ejaculating abilities to fulfil your fantasies
      • Dildo features a pronounced head, realistic testicles and long, thick shaft
      • Indulge your jizz fetish with this premium squirting model
      • Generous balls at the base for external stimulation
      • Enjoy realistic sensations with the authentic looking and feeling dong

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Squirtz CyberSkin Ejaculating Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Squirtz CyberSkin Ejaculating Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch
      2. Squirtz CyberSkin Ejaculating Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch


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    1. Huge with a capital H

      Reviewed: 30 September 2018 by SweetDreamz

      As my title states, this realistic dildo is huge! With a capital H!

      I knew it was going to be quite big in length, but I was definitely not expecting how wide the girth was, although I am very pleased with how huge it is.

      I originally bought it to improve my deepthroating skills only to find the girth only just fits my mouth at the very tip even with my mouth opened very wide! (Hahaha.)

      It's basically 1.5 to 2 cocks put together in width.

      I was worried I would not be able to accommodate such a big girth in penetrative sex as I'm very small but lubed up and a little time, care and patience taken I was a very happy girl.

      Once you get over the initial wow it's huge reaction. You see exactly how great the product is overall.

      I found I instantly fell in love with the sheer realistic design of it, from the soft, silky texture to the flexibility. Just stroking the ultra-silky texture was a tease.

      Easy to fill for ejaculating purposes. I found it best to use a mixture of water and lube for best squirting affect. Ball sack was slightly a pain to press, especially in the heat of the Big O moment, unless you managed to hit the exact spot, which is a tiny space in the centre, not actually anywhere on the ball sack. Needs quite a good press and I needed to do so with both hands. Although it's probably due to lack of experience with an ejaculating dildo more than the product itself.

      Overall, brilliant for me because it's very big and I'm small so I could feel every inch.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The realistic feel.
      Trying to press exact spongy spot to ejaculate.
      Bottom line
      Wow, huge, awesome.
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    1. Just a m a z i n g

      Reviewed: 30 March 2018 by Jay92, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My boyfriend and I wanted an ejaculating dildo for a long time... and as soon as we saw this beauty we immediately bought it in our following order!

      There are a lot of reasons why we are currently in love with it.

      The shape:

      It's thicker at the top and slightly slimmer at the base, something that really turns me on. It's amazingly realistic. I'm really impressed by the little veins along the shaft and the tiny wrinkles on the testicles.

      The dimension:

      This thing is HUGE and heavy, and we both love it for this. Maybe it's not a toy for beginners (we used it for anal sex), but it gives great pleasure.

      The texture:

      It's so smooth and silky I want to caress it for hours. It's extremely pleasant at the touch, almost skin-like.

      The flexibility:

      The inner core seems strong, and all in all it's kinda firm, but it's also pretty flexible around the base. It's not too hard and the outer core must be made of a different and softer material from the inner one.


      It's so easy to use. At a first sight I thought that it could have been difficult to ejaculate by pressing hard on the ballsack, but I've tried it while still wearing it as a strap-on and my boyfriend definitely felt the magic. I still can't understand exactly how much liquid it can contain, but I'm satisfied.

      The resourcefulness:

      One could use it in many ways, but I love the fact that we were able to use it as a strap-on. We were able to put it on the "Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Luxe Harness" and it worked like a charm, using the right O-ring and adjusting the straps to expose the ballsack in order to squeeze it.

      This toy is wonderful, and we are both so happy about it. I would recommend it even without the ejaculating system, since what really captivated me were the texture and the shape.

      The only tiny flaw is the smell, but I'm sure it will wear off after using and washing it.

      It's a dildo anyone should have and try!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything: shape, texture, dimension, flexibility, the ejaculating system, the resourcefulness.
      Bottom line
      Just what we were looking for... and more! You won't be disappointed!
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    1. Slightly disappointed

      Reviewed: 25 November 2018 by Cherrychapstick1, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was really looking forward to receiving this item and was impressed when I initially unboxed the dildo. I have a few CyberSkin dildos and have never been disappointed.

      It looked great, felt great, it’s very large in girth and length. I was not expecting it to be so big.

      However, when I came to use the ejaculating feature it is very pointless. It’s hard to press, and it’s kind of a turn off when trying to press it and actually have it ejaculate. It takes ages.

      I thought this might be down to it being completely new and may have needed some breaking in first, so I squeezed, squeezed, squeezed and squeezed every day for a while, still using the dildo but not the feature I got it for. It still isn’t any easier two months on. I tried many ways, I tried watering down the lube, tried just water and it doesn’t really do anything. I’ve deemed the ejaculating feature, useless.

      I would recommend this as a dildo without the ejaculating feature, but if you’re looking for a good ejaculating dildo I wouldn’t buy this one for that purpose solely!

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      It’s real-like texture and warmth.
      Doesn’t ejaculate very well at all.
      Bottom line
      Good for a dildo, not good for ejaculation.
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