Beginner's Guide to Dildos

by Lovehoney

on May 3, 2017

When you want straight-forward satisfaction, you should reach for a dildo. Available in many different colours, shapes and sizes, dildos are designed to provide penetrative pleasure unlike anything else.

Although they may not rotate, vibrate or pulsate, dildos give you the kind of pleasure that you won’t get from anything electrical, so choosing the right one is key.

When you’re starting out with dildos, all you want to do is type ‘nice dildo’ into Google and be presented with a single result which is the perfect dildo for you! Sadly, the world of dildos doesn’t work quite like that, but we’ve devised a category system which should help.

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Anal Dildos

Lovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal Prober

Anal dildos actually live in the Anal Sex Toys section. They're specifically designed for anal use and there are some important differences between them and a standard dildo. Anal dildos are often slimmer in girth and are shaped in order to make them more stimulating for all those wonderful nerve endings - especially when it comes to targeting a man's prostate gland. Often, anal dildos will have a flared base for added safety.

Start with: BASICS Anal Prober 7 Inch

Dildo Harnesses and Kits

Lovehoney Beginner's Strap On Harness Kit with 5 Inch Pegging Dildo

If you’re planning on enjoying pegging or strap-on sex with your partner, then this is where to look! You’ll find a selection of harnesses, some with compatible dildos supplied with them.

Beginners will appreciate the kits as they're easy to use and come ready to wear. If you’ve enjoyed strap-on sex before but are looking to update your harness collection, take a look here for a variety of hard-wearing and durable harnesses that will easily fit compatible dildos that you already own.

Start with: Lovehoney Beginner's Strap On Harness Kit with 5 Inch Pegging Dildo

Double Ended Dildos

Mini Double Penetration Dildo

A dildo - with two ends! Although these sex toys look intimidating, they’re great for sharing and extremely pleasurable. Double ended dildos come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to bend them and twist them to enjoy different positions or experience the fun of double penetration. Double enders can easily be enjoyed by two people - or just one person who loves a bit of extra length in their sex toys.

Start with:BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

Glass Dildos

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo SetMade of solid borosilicate glass, these dildos aren’t as delicate as they look. In fact, glass dildos are very durable and can be used hot or cold, without the fear of them cracking, smashing or chipping.

The firm material is wonderful for G-spot or prostate stimulation and the smooth glass makes insertion easy and comfortable. Glass dildos are also easy to keep hygienically clean, so they're brilliant for anal use too.

Start with: Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

Harness Dildos

Beginners Basic Suction Cup Realistic Dildo

Sounds familiar? Well, harness dildos are compatible with the harness you purchased from the Dildo Harnesses and Kits section of the site. All of these dildos have an area at the base that allows you to attach an O-ring or Vac-U-Lock attachment to hold it securely in place on your harness. Just check the listed ‘O-ring diameter’ and compare it to that on your harness to make sure it will fit.

They can also be used outside of a harness for thrusting, pumping, gyrating good times!

Start with: BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch

Inflatable Dildos

 Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo 6 Inch

Yep, you heard that right – these dildos inflate! Made of flexible latex or rubber, these dildos can be pumped up with air, using the attached pump, to create a dildo which is huge in both length and girth.

Why would anyone want an inflatable dildo? Because it creates a full-up feeling that stretches you to satisfaction, that's why! For beginners, we recommend starting small, so you can experiment slowly but surely until you get to the size you desire.

Start with: Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo 6 Inch

Large Dildos

Doc Johnson Bam Black Realistic Large Cock

Pretty self explanatory, the large dildos section contains dildos measuring 7 inches or more in length. It also includes extra girthy dildos, so whether you like it big, long or both – you can find something to suit you.

However, please read the descriptions – some of the large dildos are so MASSIVE that they’re only for the very, very experienced. The Doc Johnson Bam Realistic Large Cock is one of these!

Start with: Doc Johnson Bam Black Realistic Large Cock

Metal Dildos

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

The phrase ‘don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it’ rings very true when it comes to metal dildos. Heavy and rigid, they don’t sound very appealing but the high-shine finish is easy on the eye and the cool sensation they create feels great when used internally. Metal dildos are also super smooth, allowing for easy penetration, which is great for beginners who might be scared of the sensations.

Leading brand njoy are the masters of metal toys and each product in the range has superb reviews!

Start with: njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Realistic Dildos

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

Realistic dildos are so popular because they look like the real thing and, more importantly, they feel like the real thing too. Available in all different sizes and shapes (just like real penises!), realistic dildos are good for beginners as they’re easy to handle, easy to use and are shaped to fit perfectly.

The Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo 6 Inch is ideal as a starter dildo and its bigger brother, the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 8 Inch, is a great step-up for those who want a little extra.

Start with: Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Lovehoney Lifelike Realistic 8 Inch Vibrator

If you've been looking for a realistic dildo vibrator but haven't found it yet, it's because they actually live in the vibrators section. A realistic dildo vibrator gives you the life-like feel of a penis, but with the addition of delicious vibrations.

Lots of realistic dildo vibrators may be realistic-feeling but still be bright purple and glittery, while others are moulded from real people and look even more life-like.

Start with: Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Vibrating Realistic Dildo 8 Inch

Silicone Dildos

Lovehoney Lifelike 5.5 Inch Pink Dildo

Skin-safe, hygienic, boilable, bleachable, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic - need we go on? Silicone dildos offer a body-friendly alternative to rubber which can cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to latex.

Smooth and firm, the silicone dildos section is the ideal place to explore if you’re looking to splash your cash on something beautiful and long lasting.

Start with: Lovehoney Lifelike 5.5 Inch Pink Dildo

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